CP90 And Feeling Helpless? See How To Handle


Did You Receive A CP90?

The IRS CP90 notifies you of your unpaid taxes. And, that the IRS intends to levy to collect the amount owed. The letter and referenced publications explain how to request an appeal if you disagree.

You will need to file a Form 12153, Request for A Collection Due Process Hearing, and send it to the address shown on your levy notice within 30 days from the date of the CP90 to appeal the proposed action with the Office of Appeals.

An appeal or protest is a chance to have your voice heard. But only reasonable protests, those backed by the tax code, have a fair chance of being overturned.

Thus, we highly recommend engaging the services of an experienced Enrolled Agent. At Tax Samaritan, we can serve as your representative with the IRS if you have received a CP90 notice. Click to learn more about the Appeals Process.

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If you’ve received an IRS CP90 and don’t agree with the amount owed, please click the button below and select “Tax Problems with the IRS/State” to see how we can help. And for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your situation further and whether you have a good case for appeals. Please feel free to securely and privately attach a copy of your IRS notices received and a copy of your tax return for the tax year in question. We will be happy to evaluate the options available to you.

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